Miller - 125 red angus heifers, AI bred to red angus sexed semen for heifer calves, clean up bulls then turned out for once cycle, calve March 25

Septon - 35 blk heifers, bred blk to calve  March 20th for 2 cycles, home raised

​White - 10 mixed age blk cows bred blk to calve April 1

               6 blk heifers bred blk to calve March 20

Monday, November 30, 2020

Regular Sale

NO Sheep

Skip & Sharon Wink Complete Sheep Dispersion​

Monday, December 14th Bred Heifer & Stock Cow Special

Happy Thanksgiving from Bowman

Auction ​Market

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Each group will consist of xbred ewes & white (Targhee, Rambouillet, Dorset X, White)
Black Face ewes will be Hamp X
Each lambing group will be mixed age

Numbers in each group may vary according to ultrasounding

This will be a complete dispersion spread out over the next few months according to lambing dates Rams only out 2 weeks with each group

​​March lambers -  80 hd all ewe lambs will lamb March 1-15th 

April lambers - 75 hd will lamb April 1-15th 

May lambers - 75 hd will lamb May 1-15th