Bred Heifer and Stock Cow Special

Monday, December 9, 2019 at 1 pm

Richard Angus – 89 bred heifers, blk and bwf, AI bred to Sitz Profile cleaned up with Richard Angus bulls to start calving March 20th
Miller Ranch – 37 F1 baldie heifers bred to Basin Payweight, to Calve April 5th

Austby – 46 blk heifers. 34 AI bred, 12 bull bred (bulls pulled after 21 days) April 1st calvers, pelvic measured and culled for disposition

Susag - 6 heifers, 4 red/2 blk, to calve March 10th
Kromarek – 9 pairs, blk mixed aged cows
Swanson – 24 blk mixed aged cows, March calvers
Hansen Ranch – 7 mixed shrterm cows, April 1 calvers for 60 days, bred red

Swenson Estate – 38 Shterm Cows, Blk w/ few reds, bred blk
 Calve May 1
Braaten – 50 Shrterm cows, blk bred blk, calve March 10th, all shots & poured

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Monday, December 9, 2019

​​​Sale Time 11 am

Regular Sale NO Sheep

Bred Heifer and Stock Cow Sale 1pm